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Jerzy Moscinski received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Automation and Robotics from Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland, in 1982 and 1990 respectively. He has taught several courses in the field of Control, Signal Processing, Identification and Estimation, Computer Controlled Systems and Computer Networks in the Department of Automatic Control, Electronics and Telecommunications and Computer Science, SUT, Gliwice. From 1993 he has been involved in the organization of international co-operation at the Silesian University of Technology as Rector’s Representative for International Collaboration. Dr Moscinski has coordinated at University level the international exchange of students and teachers, international vocational training programs as well as international collaboration in the field of research and development.

Dr Moscinski has been involved in numerous international collaboration projects of various profile. Starting from 1991 he has been member of several TEMPUS programme projects focused on international collaboration in the field of Computer Aided Control Systems Design, with partners from almost 20 countries. Dr Moscinski worked in these projects on internationalized curricula concerning CACSD field, prepared methodology, lectures and software tools for specific courses, paid several short- andmid-term visits in partner universities in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany and other countries. Dr Moscinski was also originator and coordinator of highly successful TEMPUS project called EPICENTRE, started in 1998, aimed at building the European Programmes Centre at Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland. This project led to substantial improvement and modernization of the internationalization policy and practice in SUT, Gliwice. On the basis of EPICENTRE project the university has established modern structure and operational rules that enabled it to increase substantially the international exchange of students and teachers, efficient international collaboration in the field of vocational training, and led to the important position of SUT, Gliwice, with respect to the international collaboration in research. Regional Contact Point for international collaboration in research has been established in SUT, Gliwice, in 1999. Dr Moscinski is head of the Regional Contact Point from its very beginning, and its operation results in major increase of the involvement of research teams from SUT, other Silesian universities and industrial enterprises in research collaboration. As part of these activities Dr Moscinski serves from 2005 as Coordinator of international collaboration project called ECONETUS, concerning the organization of research based collaboration in the field of global environment change and ecosystems.

Dr Moscinski has been also involved in the international collaboration in the field of Open and Distance Learning between several universities from European countries, focused on collaboration on lectures concerning engineering education topics which should be delivered by means of Internet and multimedia tools, starting from 1999 (LINK, LABLINK). Other projects concerned the methodology and tools for efficient building of virtual laboratories and tele-laboratories, possibly accessed by students from partners from various countries. Dr Moscinski coordinated the work of Polish partner in the project and worked on lectures in the field of adaptive control, digital signal processing and computer networks, as well as on tele-laboratory in the field of active noise control.

Starting from 2001, Dr Moscinski has participated in several Thematic Networks projects concerning the harmonization of curricula in the field of electrical and information engineering (THEIERE, THEIERE-DISS, EIE-Surveyor). The project involved more than 100 partners from various countries – universities and associations. Dr Moscinski coordinated the work of Polish partner and was responsible among other for the assessment of Bologna process progress in all European countries.

Dr Moscinski is the iNEER network member and is involved in the organization of ICEE conferences. He originated and organized several special sessions at ICEE conferences, served as ICEE International Steering Committee member, as well as ICEER ISC member, he also worked as one of editors with iNEER Special Volume 2005 and 2006. Dr Moscinski served as ICEE 2005 Organization Committee Chair – his responsibility was the overall organization of ICEE conference in Gliwice, Poland, 2005.

Main areas of interest of Dr Moscinski include advanced control and signal processing, computer networks and their role in computer controlled systems, he is author and coauthor of three books and several journal and conference papers, he also served as reviewer for IEEE, IEE and other journals. Recent professional interests of Dr Moscinski include computer-based education, Internet and multimedia technologies, international collaboration in education and research as well as organization of research.

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